The revolutionary Golf stretching and fitness training aid, GOLFLEXX will help you attain a smoother, more fluid golf swing by increasing your overall flexibility. You will find yourself driving the golf ball further, more accurately, with less effort. The range of motion necessary in golf requires essential stretching routines. By using GOLFLEXX your body will perform better naturally, allowing you to enjoy the game of golf.

"For around the same cost as a box of premium golf balls, use GOLFLEXX to help you keep the ball in play."

Waiting to tee off? Stuck behind a slow foursome? Use GOLFLEXX to stay limber and warmed up.
It’s right there next to your wedge. Your golf game will improve, your muscles won’t be as sore.


Thanks again for sending the GOLFLEXX. I really like it, and I keep it in my "teaching bag" on the range with me...great to have something simple and effective to assist with some pre-lesson stretching. I really like the dual grips and the stretch pad cushion against your back.
I will definitely continue to promote this product to my students... Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you along the way!
With Kindness And Respect,
- Deb Vangellow, LPGA Master Professional

The GOLFLEXX is a winner!
I have used both in several clinics that I have conducted. The response from the participants has been fantastic. The participants range from teenage boys to senior women. I like that this is not a one size fits all but can be easily fitted. We emphasize proper fitting with our club sales so this customizationof a training tool fits right in with our overall mission of purchasing proper equipment.
The DVD is easy to understand and follow. It also does a great job emphasizing the importance of the HOW to use it properly. I appreciate so much the opportunity to offer this product to all of my students. Thanks so much for your support of all golf professionals and players who are trying to Stretch It Out!
- Mary Murphy, LPGA Tour Member

"I want to pass on to anyone who will listen what a great golf tool the GOLFLEXX is. I use it every morning even when we are traveling, as it is so easy to pack in a car or for that matter in a large suitcase. It just feels so good to go through the exercises and my husband says my golf game has improved immensely -Yes he says I have more power. Not sure if that is from being more limber or more strength - or maybe it's both. Thank you for the great invention."
- Sallie

"I've been using the light flex GOLFLEXX on my trip to Tucson. I love it. It's light enough to keep in the bag to warm up before the round. Even better, I pull it out to keep flexible when there is a wait on the tee. I arrived here with a sore back thinking that I wouldn't be able to play golf. With the GOLFLEXX, I was able to warm up my sore back and still play without hurting myself.
Thanks for the great product!!"
- Dave